Door Entry & Intercom Repair

PLEASE NOTE : These refer to repair jobs only





Ex Army Telecom


BS7671 qualified electrician

























I ) Charges

Cost   =  labor  +  Parts  +  Parking Fees,
List of parts and their prices is published at the bottom of this page,
c) Any parts that are not included in table below will be charged at their retail price + 20%

Please Note : I can not give quote for repair  in advance but can give maximum cost. If for some reason once I am on site repair
 is going  to exceed  given maximum than I will give you free estimate and in that case there will be no charge for my visit.

II) No cure, no fee

You will not be charged for my visit  if I do not know how to fix your system or repair is going to exceed maximum quote that will
be given during booking by mail or text message. In absence of above (text or mail) max quote published on this website will apply.

III) Maximum cost and scope of repair

a) Maximum cost is based on information given by client and it is his/her/their responsibility to verify it
b) Scope of repair :
I will only attempt to fix those problems in those flats that were reported to me when I issued  maximum cost.

Example :  If client reports "Speech problems to Flat 3"  than I'll attempt to fix speech problem in Flat 3. In that case all other
                  problems in this and all other flats  will be considered separate jobs and dealt with later.

IV)  Return Fee =  £35 (first half an hour) + £15 (per each 15 min)  up to max cost.

V) Damage to property

a) Carpets, floors, ceilings and paintwork :Although I always try to carry repairs in a way to avoid any damage to walls, floors etc. but in some circumstances floorboards may need to be lifted, walls drilled or cabling ducts, panels, handsets open causing damage to paintwork, plasterwork or woodwork.  I will always do my best to put everything back together but I will not accept any liability or claim for this kind of damage.

b) Damages to property systems or structure: I will only accept responsibility for damages resulting from my negligence or improper use of parts of property or it's systems (e.g. lights , power sockets, locks, doors, windows, hatches, stairs, ladders, lifts, driveways etc.)

VI) Access to property when tenants/owners are absent .

a) Keys : If I'm provided with keys to property it is landlord's/agent's responsibility to make sure that set provided is the same as one owned
               by tenants to avoid them being locked out of flat.
b) Pets : Pets must be safely locked for all time when I am working inside property

VII) Warranties

a) SYSTEM IS NOT covered by warranty as result of repair job.  However all replaced parts are under warranty for period of 1 year.
Warranty does not cover any fault/damage caused by misuse, acts of vandalism or any physical damage caused by: users , building work,
    attempts of  alteration to system,  fire, flood , earth quakes etc.
c) Warranty does not cover any faults that were not apparent during testing nor reported by client when max cost was issued

Example : If during repair, handset in Flat no 2 was replaced, than only this handset in this flat is covered by warranty.

VIII)  Booking,  Payment , Invoicing

Booking:   For legal reasons booking must be made by email confirmed by person who later will be considered my client.
                 I will need full name, surname and address. If those details are not provided I reserve the right to cancel any appointment
                 without  notice. My only responsibilities/obligations are to this person/organisation only.

Payment must be made in full within 7 days from the date of issue of invoice by cheque, cash, bank transfer or PAYPAL
If paying by cheque, bank transfer or PAYPAL  please use invoice number as transaction reference.
                 otherwise there is no way for me to tell who payment belongs to and invoice will remain marked as unpaid.

IX)  Final Note for  CORPORATIONS and/or COMPANIES

 a)    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES  it will be assumed that  relation between me and my client have any form of
                                                                    employment or "de-facto employment"

Only document that I will produce after job is complete will be invoice  with following information:
                                                    My name and Trading Name  / My Address and contact details / My UTR number / Details  and cost of
                                                    job done.

Parts and materials (price list for audio analogue systems)
Any items that are not listed here will be charged at retail price + 20%

Part Price Short description


Speech amplifier £55 Electronic element (box) inside door panel responsible for processing speech from and to the door.
If all flats in building have speech problems than it is most likely culprit.
Speech amplifier for  COMELIT £80 These are digital systems rarely fitted on small installations.
1 Button handset £25 Called sometimes telephone is a device inside flat for communicating with door and/or operating lock release.
If you have problem with intercom that is affecting only your flat than this is primary suspect.
Speaker (external) £15 Most intercoms have speech amplifiers that are modular and need to be replaced as whole unit but sometimes replacing just speaker is possible.
Microphone external £10 Again if intercom has speech module it needs to be replaced as a whole but occasionally it is
possible to replace just microphone.


Handset (analogue) £25   Most systems are using 1 button handsets unless there are some special arrangements.
Like internal communication or second entrance door.
Handset (digital) 60£ Digital handsets are very often present on Ex Council Houses and special premises
Handset (analogue) £25   Most systems are using 1 button handsets unless there are some special arrangements.
Like internal communication or second entrance door.
Push button (on front panel) £10 It is push button on panel situated by front door. (Ringer)
Vandal Resistant push button £15 Like above but made of stainless steel or platered brass.
Internal buzzing element £5 It is element inside handset that produces buzzing noise when button downstairs is pushed.


Standard lock release (buzzer) £30 Standard lock release. Called sometimes buzzer as it produces characteristic buzzing noise when operating.
If lock buzzes but door is not opening than most likely it needs to be replaced.
Heavy duty CISA lock £80 Most popular heavy duty lock. easily recognized by big red square push button and "CISA" logo on front plate.
The only element that brakes down in those locks is electric magnet inside ( aka. coil).
Heavy duty ANSI lock £80 Operates similarly to standard buzzer but it is quiet
Heavy duty BANAHAM release £400 It is cost of electric release  (not whole lock)
electric coil for CISA locks £35 CISA locks extremely rarely require replacement more often it is electro magnet inside it.
Microphone/speaker (internal) £10  Element in side handset (sometimes it can be replaced instead of whole handset.
Single voltage AC Transformer £35 Known also as power supply or  PSU for short.
If  whole  system suddenly goes down than first point of interest is Transformer
Dual voltage AC/DC Transformer £55 Some  systems (Videx, Entryphone, BPT, LT Terraneo, Farfisa) are using this type of transformers. AC circuit operates ringers and lock while DC feeds speech circuit.


Cable £0.5/meter  
Mini trunking (8 x 5)mm £1.5/meter  
Mini trunking (8 x 16)mm £2/meter  
Internal Junction box £5  
External J box (single) £6  
External J. Box (double) £10